Are you tired of feeling fear, anger, worry, and anxiety?

How about those crippling phobias?

Using fast and effective methods, you can now eliminate all types of subjective problems in a small number of affordable 1-on-1 Skype audio sessions.


Yes, you can:

  • Overcome fears and phobias
  • Get rid of traumas of past experiences
  • Stop negative and automatic reactions
  • Get rid of limiting beliefs
  • Overcome negative beliefs
  • Stop automatic self-sabotaging patterns
  • Break unproductive patterns
  • Resolve subjective problems
  • Eliminate emotional pressures
  • Reduce your stress levels
  • Say goodbye to negative emotional states


Change your life:

  • Rebuild your self-confidence
  • Improve the quality of your relationships
  • Be more present and enjoy life more
  • Increase the quality of your life
  • Improve your health
  • Become more efficient and effective
  • Increase your potential
  • Start achieving your goals
  • Get back your freedom of choice
  • Fast-track your spiritual development
  • Experience faster personal growth


What is this?

The methods used here are new and improved variations of a 20-year-old personal and spiritual technology called Deep PEAT (Primary Energy Activation and Transformation). PEAT was created by a Serbian clinical psychologist Zivorad M. Slavinski. Its first incarnations were based on his own research from the '70s and '80s, Roger Callahan's Meridian Therapies, and elements from EFT.

In Slavinski's own words, "PEAT is a developmental and heuristic system which is incessantly improving, discarding its outdated elements and adopting new ones, higher and more perfect. Today’s PEAT is a system that has by far transcended its beginnings and has little in common with them anymore."


Renowned cellular biologist Dr. Bruce Lipton's research has found that we spend only 5% of our time in our conscious mind. So 95% of the time our subconscious mind is running the show! That means that our limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging patterns are in charge without us ever realizing that. All we see are negative emotions, frustrating reactions, and unwanted results but not the source of our problems. By first awakening and then integrating our programmed ways of thinking, communicating, and being, we break free from these mental chains and gain back our freedom to choose.


How does it work?

This now proven and well-established method takes you through the elements of your consciousness that you experience as an emotional charge – emotions, physical sensations, thoughts, and mental images. Using another approach, we look for your hidden intentions and beliefs. In another version of it, we uncover your different identities. The ultimate goal is to discharge tense emotions and unblock stuck patterns of behavior on the subconscious level.

PEAT-based methods were designed to quickly and permanently neutralize emotional baggage – get rid of the effects of past negative experiences, resolve traumas, overcome fears and anxieties, transform relationships, and break any automated and unproductive behavior that negatively affects your life.


"Spiritual development is nothing more than removing emotional charges or harmful energies from our life experience. The PEAT methods do that quickly and efficiently. We experience the world in opposites: good and evil, love and hate, peace and turmoil... By detecting and neutralizing these 'Individual Codes' (Primordial Polarities), a person can figure out this basic game of life that is played in many variations, unconsciously and compulsively, and which creates many problems. By neutralizing these codes, one's personality changes become fundamental and far-reaching."


What else can it do?

You can get rid of any state with a negative emotional charge – fears, phobias, stress, anxieties, compulsiveness, weaknesses, panic attacks, jealousy, specific fears such as the fear of public speaking, resistance to something or someone, insomnia, worry, depression, overeating, undesirable and aggressive behaviors, failure, relationship problems, insecurities, guilt and so on. In other words, anything that we perceive as a "subjective problem" which is something that we have a negative emotion about, regardless of the objective reality. If you can feel it, we can work on it!


Common problems:

  • I feel insecure because I don't have enough money.
  • Nobody loves me.
  • I am irritated by my back pain.
  • I'm afraid of failure.
  • I get angry when stuck in traffic.
  • I have some guilt from the past.


Usual complaints:

  • I'm not good enough.
  • I worry a lot about the future.
  • My coworkers/bosses drive me nuts.
  • I have a fear of heights/flying/animals.
  • I lose patience with my parents.
  • I feel resistance when working on my goals.

Olivera J, Italy

Quote"I spent many years worrying about my financial future. As soon as I started my sessions, I stopped being stressed and started sleeping well again. I then got the courage to quit my old job and launch my own cake design business! This process truly gave me my life back."

Gordana H, Slovenia

Quote"We have been cleaning out emotional junk that's been collecting since my childhood. I resolved big issues from the past and got rid of many small energy drains from the present. I can now enjoy my life much more, and my awareness is increased so I can avoid new negativity. I highly endorse PEAT and Logan."

Zoran C, USA

Quote"Being on a spiritual path for many years and having worked a lot on myself, I wasn't really expecting much. But to my surprise, I've integrated some major baggage from my past and even uncovered reasons why it was getting in the way. Logan is a calm guide and I can't recommend him and the method enough!"


How do we create these problems?

Let's take an everyday case of a young person moving into adulthood who hasn't had any serious relationships or at least had no negative experiences in the romance department. Just a regular Joe or Jane looking for love. No internal conflicts or compulsive behaviors in regard to finding a mate.

  • Emotional conflict: None
  • Emotional state: Free to choose
  • Experience: Being alone
  • Goal: Find a partner, fall in love
  • Experience: New relationship, falling in love

There were no conflicts to being with, a partner was found, their relationship flourished and they both fell in love. But after a while, something happens with the other partner...

  • Experience: Partner falls in love with another person
  • Experience: Breakup and heartache
  • New conclusion: Love can hurt you
  • New belief: Love is not easily attained
  • New decision: I have to have love, even more so now

The previously loved and loving partner has found a new love interest, fallen out of this love and into a new one, and most likely cheated. A difficult and painful period starts, and our person makes some conclusions and new decisions to go with those new beliefs. This is all to help them avoid the pain next time. Furthermore, the desire for love may get even stronger as it looks like it's something that's hard to get and even harder to keep. Not to mention other self-defeating beliefs that one might come up with along the way.

So now we have an emotional conflict acting compulsively as it starts fulfilling one side of the conflict. Later, when that's achieved, it starts moving towards serving the other polarity of this friction.

  • Emotional conflict: I want love / I'm afraid of getting hurt
  • Emotional state: Compulsive
  • Experience: Being alone
  • Perception: "Fear" polarity satisfied
  • Perception: "Love" polarity not satisfied
  • Goal (compulsive): Satisfy "love" polarity
  • Goal (compulsive): Find a partner, start a relationship, fall in love
  • Experience: New partner and relationship, falling in love

Fulfilling the need for love brings our Jane/Joe back in a new relationship. However, this time it's with "baggage" and the fear that was created in the wake of the previous romance. So now that the compulsive love-needs are met, it's time to start feeding the growing frustration of fear...

  • Emotional conflict: I want love / I'm afraid of getting hurt
  • Emotional state: Compulsive
  • Perception: "Love" polarity satisfied
  • Perception: "Fear" polarity not satisfied

At this point, there would be many possibilities for this common scenario. From such emotional tension, all options are a form of suffering and compulsive behaviors. One could decide to stay in the relationship and live with that fear, which can create physical and mental stress as well as health issues. Another option might be to somehow sabotage the relationship in order to destroy it and get out of it that way. Or it could be to simply break up before the heartbreak has a chance to repeat itself.

This person would then find themselves at the opposite end of this emotional seesaw – there would be no more fear to feed but now the lust for love would start to grow again asking for attention. And on and on and on it goes.

Not the best way to go through life, wouldn't you agree?

What the PEAT methods let us do is "integrate" both emotional extremes and get you back to the state of freedom you had before making these "decisions of defeat" and ending up on the emotional rollercoaster. A person who is free to choose understands and accepts the possibility of getting hurt – they are simply willing to take that risk.

This is not that different from taking a plane ride. We are aware of the possible downside but it's not something that's on top of our minds, not for most of us. For the majority, that fear is not compulsive and it doesn't get in our way – there is no internal conflict and there's nothing to prevent us from taking the next step.

For those of us who are getting stopped along the way, these methods can clear the obstacles so we can continue living our lives.


In his groundbreaking book 'The Biology of Belief', Dr. Bruce Lipton explains that our DNA is not only inherited but also controlled by signals from outside the cell. He shows that these signals include energetic and chemical messages coming from our own thoughts and emotions. In other words, how we think and feel affects and changes our biology. This is hugely important! It means that you stand a very good chance of ruining your health if you let your subconscious mind hold the wheel of your life.

Thumbs Up

These methods ARE...

...compatible with everything

PEAT doesn't interfere with any other work, teachings, or beliefs. And everything you do is completed during your session – there is no need to think about it or do anything else after the session. Your results are very natural.

...efficient and fast

You will feel relief about the problem at the end of the session and really see what's changed once you find yourself in that situation again. Some problems can completely disappear in one session, others take time.

...perfect for those who need confidentiality

The content of our sessions stays between us, of course. But if you have any situations, emotions, or thoughts that you don't want to reveal, you can keep it to yourself. As long as you know what that is, we can work with that.


You don't need to become spiritual or change your beliefs. We are only dealing with emotions and your thoughts that are attached to them. The process uncovers your unconscious patterns of behavior and your self-limiting beliefs both of which lead you into self-sabotage.


Most problems are removed or reduced to negligible levels in as little as one to four sessions! Yes, some deep-seated problems won't budge that easily, so don't take this as an estimate. Either way, what you'll probably spend on getting rid of one major debilitating issue is likely to be much less than one licensed therapy session. And once you're done with your biggest problems, you don't need to keep coming back either.


We, humans, are emotion-making machines. If you don't pay attention to your ways of thinking and being, it is certainly possible to recreate same or similar problems that we got rid of. But once your "fog" starts to clear on any problem, most clients report a major increase in their overall awareness. This, in turn, prevents them from falling into the same old traps they dragged around for years. So, yeah, permanent.

Thumbs Down

These methods ARE NOT...

...traditional therapy
There is no need to discuss or relive your problems. Most clients want to talk about their problems, but that is unnecessary and in fact, it interferes with the process. We do NOT want you to strengthen your negative emotions by revisiting them. You just need to be able to access the emotions that follow your problem and we're good to go.

As Tony Robbins would say, "I am not your guru". Coaching implies training or teaching. This is neither – it's self-exploration. You will get no suggestions or advice – but you will have your own insights. Once you've gotten rid of your baggage, you will have a neutral blank canvas where you can start applying other useful methods (meditation, visualization, affirmations, goal-setting) on your own in order to create new habits and take further action.


Let's be honest. You are a major variable in this equation. The depth and speed at which your issues are reduced or neutralized depends both on your particular problems and on how good you will get at verbalizing the answers to the questions while you're being guided. If you can't recognize or get in touch with the emotions and thoughts that are messing up your life, these methods will not give you any results.

...always instant

Each session is going to have a different result and pretty much all of them will give you some relief about the problem. More often than not, the greatest impact will happen when you find yourself in the same or similar situation that triggers that negative emotion for you. Even that will not seem too explosive because it will just be a natural state, your natural state. Many clients only realize after the fact that they didn't react the same way as before. You're welcome! circumstance-changers

Please keep in mind that we can only work on your emotions, how you feel about the problems at hand. Some people come into sessions with unreasonable expectations that the situation itself will change or that others will change. I'm afraid that's not the business we're in. What we can change is only your side of things, your internal world. And that is very likely going to produce a change in circumstances anyway. Ha! So, indirectly and eventually, yeah, you may get those results after all.

...for people suffering from...

...mental illnesses or disorders, those taking any psychiatric medication, drug addicts or those having suicidal thoughts. It is also not a replacement for professional advice, diagnosis, or treatment. They are not a substitute for medical or health advice.


I am a certified processor for Deep PEAT and Integra Protocol methods. Like the creator of the PEAT method, I grew up in Serbia. I have lived in the United States most of my life and I currently reside in Europe, in Slovenia. I come from a creative background and I've been on a personal spiritual journey since the late '90s. This is the first time that I feel I have arrived and found myself – I'm doing something truly and deeply meaningful. I can now finally live my life motto and "create a better life for myself and others."


OK, I'm ready! How do I get started?

  • Find a problem that's "an emotion about something"
  • See the "common problems" red lists above for ideas
  • Make sure there is an emotion – a negative emotion
  • You need to be able to feel it, at least a little
  • Pay for the intro session
  • Read the session info
  • Schedule the appointment
  • Get your Skype / headset / mic working
  • Write down a reminder and be on time

Intro Session

€24 €19

(about US$22)

New Clients ONLY

1 Session


(about US$56)

Regular Price

3 Sessions

€147 €129

(about US$147)

€43/$49 per session

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After you make the payment, please proceed to the contact page and send me a message. Let me know what city / time zone you're in and give me several options for a new session time – reasonably considering my CET time zone (UTC+1). I am generally available between 10am and 8pm CET.

Thank you